Philadelphia Metropolitan Invite was started in 1979 with the focus on offering a cross country championship race for smaller colleges and junior colleges. Belmont Plateau served as the venue from the beginning and was first run on the Classic Course 5.18 miles (which included Surekill Hill ). The women started running in 1981 and ran on the shorter High School course (2.9 miles) and expanded to 5,000 meter when the HS course was lengthened.  The meet was organized and directed by Coach Tom O'Hora (Cabrini College) from 1979 to 2013.   Coach Dave Thomas has organized and served as race director from 2014 to the present.  The meet maintains being one of the bigger colllege meets held at Belmont Plateau each with with over 20 men and 20 women's teams competing in the race each year.


YEAR                  TEAM CHAMPION                  COACH                           INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                              COLLEGE/UNIV.                           TIME    
1979                URSINUS COLLEGE                                                           MR   SHEELY                                                    HAVERFORD COLLEGE              27:12    
1980                URSINUS COLLEGE                                                           MR  SHEELY                                                     HAVERFORD COLLEGE              27:25      
1981                HAVERFORD COLLEGE     TOM DONNELLY              MR.BROWN                                                     URSINUS COLLEGE                     26:50 MR 
1982                MEET WAS NOT HELD THIS YEAR
1983                HAVERFORD COLLEGE     TOM DONNELLY               MR HOFFMAN                                                HAVERFORD COLLEGE              27:14
1984                HAVERFORD COLLEGE     TOM DONNELLY               MR  O'NEILL                                                   HAVERFORD COLLEGE               28:06  
1985                PHILADELPHIA TEXTILE  JOE RYAN                            MR. SHAEFFER                                              SALISBURY STATE                       28:16   
1986               GLASSBORO STATE           OSCAR MOORE                  MR.MONTGOMERY                                      GLASSBORO STATE                    27:49    
1987               HAVERFORD COLLEGE     TOM DONNELLY                RICHARD BOSTWICK                                  GLASSBORO STATE                    27:38    
1988               HAVERFORD COLLEGE     TOM DONNELLY                MR  BONENBERGER                                    HAVERFORD COLLEGE              28:31    
1989               CABRINI COLLEGE             TOM O'HORA                       MR.CALLINAN                                               CABRINI COLLEGE                       28:30  
  MR= MEET RECORD                     5.18 MILE "CLASSIC COURSE WAS USED FROM 1964-1998 (Surekill Hill)

        YEAR                TEAM CHAMPION                   COACH                                INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                       COLLEGE/UNIV.                               TIME      
          1990                URSINUS COLLEGE                  NA                                               MR.  KERSHNER                                              URSINUS COLLEGE                          27:55   
          1991                TRENTON STATE                       NA                                               MR. KERSHNER                                               URSINUS COLLEGE                          28:49      
          1992                TRENTON STATE                       NA                                                MR. JACOBS                                                     TRENTON STATE                              28:51   
          1993                TRENTON STATE                       NA                                               MR. PATCAKY                                                    TRENTON STATE                              28:43  
          1994                HAVERFORD COLLEGE            TOM DONNELLY                   KYLE LANIER                                                      LINCOLN UNIVERSITY                    28:26    
          1995                LINCOLN UNIVERSITY             NA                                               MR. ROBINSON                                                 LINCOLN UNIVERSITY                   28:58     
          1996                MORAVIAN COLLEGE               NA                                               ART DICOLA                                                        WIDENER COLLEGE                        29:54   
          1997                STOCKTON STATE                    NA                                               STEVE VOLPE                                                     STOCKTON STATE                          28:09  
          1998               STOCKTON STATE                      NA                                               STEVE VOLPE                                                     STOCKTON STATE                          28:55      
          1999               STOCKTON STATE                     NA                                               RANDY WETZER                                                  STOCKTON STATE                         31:58  
                                                                                  ** OLD 8,OOO  METER COURSE USED FROM 1999-2009  (No Surekill )
YEAR                TEAM CHAMPION                                   COACH                                 INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                      COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY                 TIME    
2000               STOCKTON STATE                                  NA                                              JASON BULL                                                          CABRINI COLLEGE                         28:10      
2001               ROWAN COLLEGE                                   OSCAR MOORE                      RANDY WETZEL                                                    STOCKTON STATE                        27:17        
2002               STOCKTON STATE                                  NA                                               RANDY WETZEL                                                    STOCKTON STATE                        27:15 MR   
2003               STOCKTON STATE                                  NA                                               MATT MUELLER                                                    STOCKTON STATE                        28:13           
2004               STOCKTON STATE                                  NA                                               MIKE VIDUMSKY                                                   DE SALES COLLEGE                      26:26 MR    
2005               FELICIAN COLLEGE                                JOHN BRENNAN                   ULMAR SAEED                                                       NEW JERSEY INS TECH                27:06           
2006              STOCKTON COLLEGE                            NA                                               WALTER TUM                                                         BLOOMFIELD COLLEGE               27:37         
2007              FELICIAN COLLEGE                                 JOHN BRENNAN                   PAUL CHEGWIDDEN                                           FELICIAN COLLEGE                       27:02           
2008              PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY               DAVE THOMAS                       EDDIE PENETAR                                                   CABRINI COLLEGE                         25:47 MR   
2009              PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY               DAVE THOMAS                       ROB ALBANO                                                          FELICIAN COLLEGE                      26:21             
                                                                                                                                                 MR= MEET RECORD        OLD 8,000 COURSE USED FROM 1999-2009                                     
YEAR                 TEAM CHAMPION                                         COACH                           INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                        COLLEGE /UNIVERSITY                 TIME          
2010               FELICIAN COLLEGE                                  JOHN BRENNAN                   ROB ALBANO                                                          FELICIAN COLLEGE                  27:41 MR#      
2011               FELICIAN COLLEGE                                  JOHN BRENNAN                   ROB ALBANO                                                          FELICIAN COLLEGE                  26:50 MR       
2012               WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY                   KEITH JONES                         ROB ALBANO                                                          FELICIAN COLLEGE                  27:28      
2013               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                       ERIC LACY                                                                PHILADELPHIA UNIV.              27:21 MR           
2014               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                       ERIC LACY                                                                PHILADELPHIA UNIV.               28:06            
2015               FRANKLIN PIERCE UNIVERSITY         ZACK EMERSON                     GIANCARLO MARTINES                                     CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE      28:01           
2016               BLOOMFIELD UNIVERSITY                   ELSON SMAJLAJ                   IAN MIRTILE                                                            NYACK COLLEGE                         *17:13
2017               JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY**                  DAVE THOMAS                       MILAN DUKA                                                           JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY           27:09MR 
2018               WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY                   KEITH JONES                         HUSSEIN ELMESHAD                                           GEORGIAN COURT UNIV.          27:32      
       MR= MEET RECORD       CLASSIC 5 MILE COURSE USED 2010-2011 (Surekill Hill)            NEW LIBERTY BELL   8,000 METER COURSE USED 2012-PRESENT   
           *5K - Race Distance lowered to 5k due to extreme heat     **FORMERLY PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY


YEAR               TEAM CHAMPION                                  COACH                                      INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                          COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY              TIME             
1981                NO TEAM SCORE                                         NA                                                  MS. SANGREE                                                       SWARTHMORE COLLEGE         20:21       
1982                TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                   MS. CASEY                                                             TRENTON STATE                         18:50          
1983                TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                   MS. WENCZEL                                                      TRENTON STATE                         18:58           
1984                TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                   MS. NICHOL                                                          TRENTON STATE                         18:41          
1985                TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                   MS MEADE                                                              SCRANTON COLLEGE               18:14           
1986                URSINUS COLLEGE                                    NA                                                  MS. O'DONOHUE                                                 URSINUS COLLEGE                   18:12 MR     
1987                TRENTON STATE                                         NA                                                  MS. LANE                                                                HAVERFORD COLLEGE             18:33           
1988                TRENTON STATE                                         NA                                                  MS. LANE                                                                HAVERFORD COLLEGE              18:29         
1989                PHILADELPHIA BIBLE                               NA                                                   MS. MURRAY                                                         CABRINI COLLEGE                      22:50         
                          MR= MEET RECORD                      DISTANCE OF COURSE WAS  2.9 MILES FROM 1981-88                COURSE IS 5,000 METERS FROM 1989-PRESENT              
YEAR             TEAM CHAMPION                                  COACH                                         INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                         COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY                TIME           
1990              TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                  MS. WAGNER                                                          URSINUS COLLEGE                      20:16
1991              TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                  MS. OERHOWSKY                                                 URSINUS COLLEGE                      20:18
1992              TRENTON STATE                                        NA                                                  MS. MARANZANO                                                  HAVERFORD COLLEGE               19:17 MR
1993              HAVERFORD COLLEGE                            FRAN RIZZO                               MS. JEMYN                                                               VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN      21:22
1994              HAVERFORD COLLEGE                            FRAN RIZZO                               KIM WESTERSON                                                   WIDENER COLLEGE                    20:15
1995              BRYN MAWR COLLEGE                            NA                                                  MICHELLE OLSON                                                  CABRINI COLLEGE                      20:31
1996              MORAVIAN COLLEGE                               NA                                                  AMY HORVATH                                                         MORAVIAN COLLEGE                 20:27
1997              BRYN MAWR COLLEGE                            NA                                                 SABRINA SMITH                                                       CABRINI COLLEGE                      20:49
1998              BRYN MAWR COLLEGE                            NA                                                 PETRA NILSOON                                                      CENTENARY COLLEGE              20:40
1999              HAVERFORD COLLEGE                           FRAN RIZZO                              KRISTIN WILSON                                                      HAVERFORD COLLEGE             20:05  
YEAR                 TEAM CHAMPION                               COACH                                             INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                        COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY              TIME
2000               STOCKTON COLLEGE                             NA                                                      LAUREN DEAN                                                       CABRINI COLLEGE                       19:56
2001               BRYN MAWR COLLEGE                           NA                                                      KATE DOUGHERTY                                               URSINUS COLLEGE                    19:46
2002               WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY              NA                                                      SHANNON KLICK                                                   WIDENER COLLEGE                    20:10
2003               HAVERFORD COLLEGE                          FRAN RIZZO                                   JANE WEBBER                                                         HAVERFORD COLLEGE             19:56
2004               HAVERFORD COLLEGE                          FRAN RIZZO                                   TARA BARLOW                                                         DE SALES UNIVERSITY    18:53.71 MR
2005               FRANKLIN & MARSHALL                       NA                                                       JOY FUWA                                                                 UNIV OF SCIENCE PHILA.        19:34
2006               FRANKLIN & MARSHALL                       NA                                                       KAREN ZIGA                                                             FRANKLIN & MARSALL              19:35
2007               GEORGIAN COURT UNIVERSITY        KERWIN LENTZ                             HEATHER MIARA                                                    GEORGIAN COURT UNIV.         19:37
2008               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY               DAVE THOMAS                               SARAH SIMONETTI                                               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY   19:44
2009               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY               DAVE THOMAS                               SARAH SIMONETTI                                               PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY   19:26
                                                                                                                                                               MR=NEW MEET RECORD                              

YEAR                           TEAM CHAMPION                                COACH                                   INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                                           COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY              TIME
2010                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              SARAH SIMONETTI                                                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY    20:12
2011                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              SARAH SIMONETTI                                                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY    19:23
2012                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              ALTHEA DAVIDSON                                               WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY       20:12
2013                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              REBECCA WAKELY                                                 NYACK COLLEGE                           19:53
2014                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              ARIANA NASH                                                          NYACCK OLLEGE                           20:16
2015                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              ALYSSA LAMBERT                                                  FRANKLIN PIERCE UNIV.           20:27
2016                PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY                DAVE THOMAS                              KENDALL FITZGERALD                                        POST UNIVERSITY                        21:22
2017               JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY **                  DAVE THOMAS                              VICTORIA THALER                                                 CALDWELL UNIVERSITY             20:41
2018               JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY**                   DAVE THOMAS                              TAYLOR NEALS                                                       CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE        20:50
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