A Brief History of Marathon Racing in the City of Philadelphia:  The Marathon (26.2 miles) Event has been run in the City of Philadelphia for over 90 years.  There were a number of running clubs in Philadelphia since the early 1900s (mainly connected to neighborhoods and Catholic Church clubs) and connected to the AAU (American Athletic Union).  There where many handicap races each week and any race over 6 miles was often referred to as a "marathon".   Many of the early marathon (26 miles) races were organized by a local athletic club (such as The Shanahan Catholic Club) and officiated by the AAU and would be run by some of the best distance runners in the country from Boston, New York and the world (Finland) would travel to run against the best local distance runners.  Even though Philadelphia does not have the history of a Boston Marathon (run continously since 1896) there is a long history of "The Marathon" being run in the City of Philadelphia.  Many of the early marthons were not organzed by the City and therefore have different titles. It was not until 1994 did City of Philaelphia fully organize the marathon and was called the "Philadelphia Marathon".  For this history of the Marathon in Philadelphia, all Marathon's held in the City will be included and refreded to in the Philadelphia Marathon Champions List.
      The first marathon race connect to the City of Philadelphia was in 1926 and known as "Sesquicentenial Marathon", to celebrate the 150th anniversery of our Independence Day in the USA.  The race was started in Valley Forge and finished in Munciple Stadium (JFK Stadium).  The route was east down Rt 23, through West and South Philly and finished down Broad Street to the stadium. Some of the best runners in the world competed (1920 Olympic Champ from Finland dropped out at mile 11). Over 25,000 spectators waited for the runners in the stadium to see them finish.   Long time organizer of the Boston Marathon (Jock Semple) who was living in Philadelphia at the time finished 11th place.  

     Each year following 1926, there where Marathon Relays (from 26-62 miles), but no reports of an individual Marathon race in the City of Philadelphia. There was a 10 year gap before the next organized 26 mile race was held in Philadelpha. 1935 saw the organization of the "Philadelphia Olympic Marathon", to promote and celebrate the 1936 Olympic team selection that was chosen by the AAU in Philadelphia in 1935.   Once again, the race started at Valley Forge and finished in Municiple Stadium. There were 50 starters. The course once again travelled down the Main Line, thru West and South Philly streets. Over 200,000 spectators (mostly in South Philly) lined the course and 10,000 in the stadium.  The National AAU Marathon champion, Pat Dengis, won the race

   1953 started a long string of Marathon Races organized in the City of Philadelphia.  The 1953 race was known as Valley Forge/Wolf Clinic Marathon.32 started (30 finished) the 26 mile trek from Center City Philadelphia (City Hall), up the Ben Franklin Parkway, up West River Drive, around Belmont Plateau, up thru Germantown and finished in the Plymouth Meeting area at the Wolf Heart Clinic. All the runners were part of a study to see the effects of Marathon racing on the heart. The event was an official race under the guidance of the AAU.  Dr Charles Robbins (NY Pioneers) won in 2:26:28, Ted Corbitt was 2nd.  Well known local runner and long time coach, Jack Saint Clair(Penn AC), finished 4th, and Jock Semple (Boston AA) finished 23rd in 3:26.

      From 1954 to 1965, the Shanahan Catholic Club organized the Annual Marathon race in Philadelphia. The race was 26 miles and was known as the Shanahan  Marathon.  It was officiated and sanctioned by the Mid Atlantic AAU and acted as the Mid Atlantic Championship.  In 1960 and 1961, Atlantic City hosted the AAU Marathon Championship and therefore Philadelphia did not have a marathon race during that time.   The course for the Shanahan Marathon was all in the City of Philadelphia.  Start and finish was at the Shanahan Club (42nd and Lancaster Ave), travelled a 6.5 mile loop from the clubhouse thru West Phila to around Belmont Plateau, to City Line Ave, to Belmont Ave, and back to the clubhouse.  The race was run in January and runners ran the race entirely on the sidewalk and respsonsible for crossing streets at the corners.   Many top runners and Olympians, along with top running clubs from the east coase (Boston AA, Millrose TC, Penn AC, Shannahan, Meadowbrook, Delaware Valley) competed.   Long time Villanova asistant coach, Jack Pyrah, was the organizor of the annual Marathon until 1964.   During this period there was also a marathon "team champion" with top 3 runners on each team scoring.

   1965 saw a change in the "Philadelphia Marathon" course and organization.  The course moved from West Philadelphia to the Schuykill River Loop. The race date also changed from January to November for the annual event.  The race started and finished on Boathouse Row and ran 3 loops on the River Drive.  The race was known as the Rutherauff Marathon from 1965 to 1969.  The Marathon drew about 50-150 runners during this time with a few Boston Marathon winners (Amby Burfoot and John Kelly) winning 26.2 mile race on the Schuykill River.   The race organization switched again from 1970 to 1975 with the Penn Athletic Club overseeing the race on the Schuylkill River. The race during this time was known as the Penn Athletic Club Marathon and also called the Philadelphia Marathon (Refered to as the Philadelphia Marathon in 1970). 200-300 runners were generally the partipation level for the race.  The most famous winner of the Philadelphia Marathon (Bill Rodgers/winner of the best marathoners of all time, won the race on a cold, rainy raw day on the Schulykill River in 1974. (4 months later he won his first of 4 Boston Marathons).    

In 1976, with the US Bicentenial, there saw a shift in the organization of the Marathon.  With the birth of the "Running Boom" in the US, participants (and women) in the Marathon were increasing and it was becoming difficult for a local running club to organize the event.  The Fairmount Park Commission started becoming involved along with sponsors to organize and manage the Marathon.  In 1976, the race was still run on the sidewalk of the Schulkill River, but was known as the "Bicentenial Marathon" that year and nearly 500 runners competed. By 1978, over 1000 marathon runners were squeezing onto the River loop sidewalk course and there was a period of time in 1979 and 1980 when Philadelphia had 2 Marathon races (within 2 weeks of each other.   One was known as the Provident Marathon (run on the 2nd week of November and the other won was known as the Schlitz/Miller Lite Marathon, held in the 4th week of November. There waas often a team championship associated with the Philadelphia Marathon up until about 1980s, with the winning club often won by Penn AC, Shanahan CC, or Philadelphia AC.  The team score was a cross country style scoring for the first 3 finishers of the club to finish.

  The Provident Marathon was a huge undertaking, starting in Ambler, Pa and ran a route down Germantown Pike in the suburbs, up a major hill in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, down Lincoln Drive, thru south Philly and finished near Independence Hall.  The Provident Marathon drew close to 5,000 runners by 1981.    The Schlitz /Miller Lite Marathon in Philadelphia lasted for 2 years and stuck with the Schuylill River Loop sidewalk course and drew about 1300 runners at it's peak.   The Provident Marathon "won out" and was the only Marathon in Philadelphia from 1981 to 1987. The name of the race in this era was the Independence Marathon. The race course changed from a point to point course during this time with the start and finish at Memorial Hall in West Philadelphia before the organization of the race once again changed due to lack of the big sponsors needed to have a major marathon.Private race organizers such as Chris Tatreau and Tom Sanders, produced and directed the Provident and Schlitz/Miller Lite Marathons , but were able to optain major sponsors to continue the growth of hosting a "big time" marathon race.   

From 1988-1989, the race went back to the Schuylill River and was overseen by the Fairmount Park Commission. Numbers dropped back to about 1000 and the title of the race during this time was "The Fairmount Marathon".    The Marathon returned to it's 1960 roots and run on a lower profile with the River Loop course.   1990-1993 saw a period of time where there was no organizing group willing to take on the scope of putting on The Marathon until the City of Philadelphia saw the need of having a major race in the city.  Many other smaller cities in the USA hosted a Marathon and the first official "Philadelphia Marathon" was started in 1994. From 1994, the City of Philadelphia has oversaw the production of the Philadelphia Marathon.  In 2016, the Dept. of Parks and Recreation took over the production with Jim Marino (Parks and Rec and Race Director of the Broad St Run) serving as race director.   The course has varied some since then, but for the most part started near the Art Museum,  run the first part of the race towards the Delaware River, west on Chestnut St to the Zoo area, around Memorial Hall, up West River (MLK) drive , past the Art Museum, west on East River (Kelly) to Manayunk, returned to and finished at the Art Museum area.  The race is currently held on a Sunday with a seperate Half Marathon and 8k race on Saturday with numbers in the marathon over 8,000 competitors.

 Below is a list of race champions who have run Marathons associated with the City of Philadelphia.
 ** The Penn Relays (April) had organized a Marathon with the week long Track Carnival (from 1973-1982) but is associated with The Penn Relays and their champions are not listed with the "Philadelphia Marathon" list.

YEAR      NAME (CITY/STATE/COUNTRY)          TIME           NOTES AND TRIVIA                                                                                           
1926       CLARENCE DeMAR (Melrose, Ma)          2:42:05      DeMar was 7x winner of Boston Marathon. Race celebrated US Quincentenial.
1935        PAT DENGIS (Maryland)                           2:38:24       Dengis was AAU National Marathon Champion. Clarence DeMar was 12th place
1953        DR. CHARLES ROBBINS (NY PIONEERS)    2:26:28       Ted Corbitt (2nd), Jack Saint Clair (4th). Runners where part of medical study.
1954        TED CORBITT (NY, NY)                               2:36:06      Corbitt co founded Road Runners of America with Browining Ross
1955        JOHNNY J KELLEY (Conn.)                       2:25:23      Kelley "The Younger" was Boston Marathon and ICAAAA Cross Country Champ.
1956        JOHN JOE BARRY (Pa/ Scotland)            2:36:09       Barry was Villanova great XC and track champion. 
​1957        JOHN JOE BARRY (PA/Scotland)             2:31:19       Barry was also AAU Mid Atlantic Cross Country Champion in 1953
1958        TED CORBITT (NY,NY)                                2:26:44      Corbitt was long time Ultramarthon champ and physical therapist into his 80s
1959        TED CORBITT (NY, NY)                               2:29:43      Larry Delaney (Penn AC) won the Middle Atlantic AAU title finishing 5th in race 
1960        NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILA                       Shanahan CC held the Senior/Mid Atlantic AAU Marathon in Atlantic City     1961        NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILA                       Atlantic City was the venue for the Shanahan CC Mid Atlantic AAU marathon      1962        TED CORBITT (NY, NY)                               2:33:13      Corbitt wins the title for the 4th time. John Joe Barry finishes 2nd. 
1963        ADOLF GRUBER (AUSTRIA)                       2:39:49       Race was run in the snow on cold and slushy course.  9 Started/ 7 finished  1964        ADOLF GRUBER (AUSTRIA)                       2:20:05       Gruber broke Johnny Kelly course record of 2:25:23 for the 4 x 6.5 lap course 1965        JOHN KELLY (NY)                                         2:37:23       The 6'2" landscaper from Milrose AA finished 1:42 ahead of Ted Corbitt. 
1965        TOM OSLER (NJ)                                           2:34:07       Marathon held 2x in 1965. Osler long time local champion and author
1966        AMBY BURFOOT (CT)                                  2:24:43       Boston Marathon Champion and college roomate of Bill Rodgers
1967        BILL CLARK (CA)                                           2:24.23       Cardinal Dougherty HS graduate. He also won the Olympic trials 10k in 1968
1968        JIM MCDONAGH (Millrose AA/NY)              2:36:35       McDonagh also won Olympic marathon trial in 1968. Tom Osler (SJAC) 2nd.        1969        LEO DUART (MA.)                                         2:32:32       1968 Champion, Jim McDonagh finished in 2nd place.                                               1970        MOSES MAYFIELD (PHILA,PA)                   2:24:29       Local running legend who is legally blind. 1963 Public League XC Champ (Bok)
1971        MOSES MAYFIELD (PHILA, PA)                 2:26:44       Long time local runner who won many Mid Atlantic AAU Championships            
1972        RICK BAYKO (North Medford, Ma.)              2:27:29      Former champ Mayfield DNF. Corbitt finished 11th in his 164th marathon            1973        BILL BRAGG (North Jersey Striders/NJ)       2:29:44      Bragg, a NJ artist, won by over 7 minutes over Joe Witowski of Cetral JerseyTC
1974        BILL RODGERS (MA)                                     2:21:57    "Boston" Billy was 4x Boston/4x NYC winner. Course was 3x loop on Schuylkill
1975        CARLO CHRUBINO/LARRY FREDERICK         2:26:12     Race ended in a tie for only time in Phila Marathon history.  
1976        DAVID PATTERSON (NORRISTOWN, PA)   2:24:59     Patterson was local champion who finished a few times in top 20 at Boston
1977        RICH DiSEBASTIAN (Phila,Pa)                    2:25:17     DiSebastian competed for Drexel, finished in top 20 at Boston
1978        RICH DiSEBASTIAN (Phila, Pa)                    2:22:38     DiSebastian was a member  of Olney Kiwanis TC and won MA AAU XC Champs
1979       CHUCK BURROWS (NJ)                                  2:25:24    Sponsored by Provident Bank, long time race organizor, Chris Tatreau directed
1979       RICH HAYDEN (USA)                                      2:30:06    Hayden was in Villanova Law and was an All Catholic runner at Arch Carroll HS  1980       WILLIAM SCHOLL (MANASQUAN, NJ)      2:22:59    Scholl broke the 3 Loop Schuylkill River Loop Record with this race finish. 
1980       WILLIAM DEVOE (NY,NY)                             2:26:18    Rich DiSebastion (2x winner) finished 2nd place to Devoe.                                     1981       DAVE PATTERSON (NORRISTOWN, PA)   2:17:25    Patterson local running champ and HS Princible. Race started in Ambler.
1982       WILLIAM SCHOLL (Shore AC/NJ)               2:14:59    Scholl's time was a Pa. State Marathon Record Time.                         
1983        SAM PELLETIER (West Point, NY)             2:15:26    Pelletier was a 25 year old captain in the Army in 1982.                      
1984        DERICK "RINGO" ADAMSON (JAMAICA) 2:16:39    Ringo was 4x Olympian for Jamaica, ran for Glassboro State.
1985        DERICK "RINGO" ADAMSON (JAMAICA) 2:18:27    Ringo became local long time coach in Camden and for Rowan University
1986        IRA MEYERS ( PA.)                                         2:25:25     Meyers,raised in Long Island, stayed local as long time Podiatrist in Phila area
1987        TIM WUNSCH (ETONIC TC/MO.)               2:24:08     Race was run on very windy, cold and rainy day. 1986 Champ, Myers DNF.           1988        FRED SCHNECK (PA)                                     2:32:23     Course was 3x loop Schuylkill River with Steve Cotrell (2nd), Bob Torchia(3rd)    1989        TIM WUNSCH (PA)                                        2:22:00     Wunsch runs 3x loop Schuylkill River Loop with start/finish at Memorial Hall.    1990       NO RECORD OF A MARATHON IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                                                                                                  1991       NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                                                                                                       1992       NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                                                                                                          1993       NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                                                                                                          1994       CHUCK CRABB (Mount Holly,NJ)              2:21:22  Crabb is a long time local champion in Phila area as senior and master runner
1995       MARK ANDREWS (Chapel Hill, NC)          2:20:15   Andrewss was former NC State runner. Former Champiion Chuck Crabb 7th        1996       NIKOLIC SRBA (YUGOSLAVIA)                   2:19:55   Former Champion Ira Meyers finishes 18th in 2:42:30.                                                  1997       GAVIN GAYNOR (State College, Pa)       2:19:03    Local Phila Runner and Bryn Mawr Run Co Founder, Bob Schwelm 3rd place.          1998       RYAN GROTE (Millington, NJ)                    2:24:12   Grote ran for the University of Portland, Oregon.                                                          1999       TESFAYE BEKELE (ETHIOPIA)                       2:25:46   Bekele won the race under unusually Nov. hot conditions: 67 degrees and sunny.
2000       BRIAN CLAS (ITHICA,NY)                             2:18:03  Clas won his first marathon by over 5 min over Andrey Shalagin (Russia).               2001       GENNADIY TEMNIKOV (RUSSIA)               2:21:07   Temnikov, 40 years old, was winner over Kenyan favorite, Over 5000 finished.
2002       MICHAEL KORIR (KENYA)                            2:18:43   Korir beat out fellow Kenyan to win by 30 seconds. Only 1 Philly runner in top 10
2003       JOSEPH NDIRITU (KENYA)                           2:16:47   Ndiritu won over Kamindi (Kenya) and local runner Ed Callinan (Cherry Hill).
2004       MICHAEL KORIR (KENYA)                            2:19:43   Korir returns to the winner's podium after 7th place finish in 2003.
2005       JOSEPH NDIRITU (KENYA)                           2:21:02   Ndiritu finished 1:50 over Joshua Koros (Kenya) to collect $3500 for the win.
2006       HOSEA KIMUTAI (KENYA)                            2:17:09   Kimutai won out over local North Penn/North Carolina grad, Mike Mckeenan
2007       TIMOTHY PSITET (KENYA)                           2:25:01   Psitet, trains in NY and had to battle 35 cold and wind to win the race.
2008       ANDREY TOPTUN (UKRAINE)                     2:19:57   Toptun was easy winner in the marathon. Over 18,000 in the half/full marathon
2009       JOHN CREWS (Raleigh,NC)                         2:17:15   Crews ran a PR to win the marathon by over 7 minutes. His fiance was 3rd in 8k
2010       DANIEL VASSALLO (Wilmington,MA)     2:21:28   Vassallo had finished 2nd in half marathon (2008) and overcame sport hernia.
2011       FOLISHO TUKO (ETHIOPIA)                        2:19:16    Tuko held off a late charge by Kevin Pool (Calif) to win by 6 seconds.
2012       MICHAEL MCKEEMAN (Ardmore,Pa)      2:17:49     McKeeman becomes the first local runner to win since Chuck Crabb (1994)
2013       ABEBE MEKURIYA (ETHIOPIA)                   2:17:28     Mekuriya was running his first race in the USA and only landed 5 days previous
2014       DAN VASSALLO (Peobody, Ma.)               2:17:28    Vassallo returned to winners circle and also qualified for the US Olympic Trials.
2015       TEKLU DENEKE (ETHIOPIA)                         2:17:44    Deneke in his first Phila Mar beat Abe Kiprob (Kenya/living in Roxborough)
2016       KIMUTAI CHERUIYOT (KENYA)                  2:15:53   Cheruiyot and next 3 finishers were under 2:16:45 for best Phila Mar. top 4 finish
2017       BONIFACE KONGIN (NEW MEXICO)         2:16:25   Kongin battled winds gusts to win by more than 90 sec over Nelson Oyugi (New Mex.)
2018       TADESSE YAI DABI (ETHIOPIA/NY)           2:14.46*  Dabi comes from behind and takes lead in last 800 meters to win and set a new CR.

** In 1971, the AAU East Region Marathon Championship was held in Philadephia on the Schuylkill River Loop course. The race also served as the Pan Am Games qualifier. It was won by Herb Lorenz (Woodbury, NJ) who set the course record of 2:23:46. Even though it was not  an open "Philadelphia Marathon",  it is worth noting on this list of marathons in Philadelphia since it was a marathon held in the city and also won by a local great area runner.  81 starters in the race    * Philadelphia Marathon men's record.

YEAR     NAME/CITY/STATE/CLUB)                     TIME         NOTES AND TRIVIA                                                                                     
1966        SUE MORSE (OLNEY HS)                             3:58:49      1st women to officially finish a marathon in Philadelphia. Only finisher
1971        KAY CAMBELL (Central Jersey TC)         3:13:29      Only women to finish. She finished 71st out of the 215 who started the race.
1973        NIKKI KILGORE (Ithica, NY)                      3:27:00      Kilgore finished 105th out of 300 finishers on a warm and rainy day on river. 
1974        MARY DEVLIN (USA)                                   3:25:33                                                                                                                                                       1975        NANCY KENT (Cornell Univ/NY)             3:04:44                                                                                                                                                      
1976        LINDA EIBEN (Purdue/Mi)                         3:04:56                                                                                                                                                      
1977        JENNIFER AMYX (MD.)                                3:51:54      7 year old is the only unofficial finisher from Phila Inquirer article account      
1978       CAROL GEIG (PITTSBURG,PA)                    2:56:05
1979       LEONA HOLLMAN (PHILA, Pa)                  2:51:48      Hollman got up from a fall to win Provident.  Jan Yerkes finished 2nd.                  1979       CHRIS SCHILLING (USA)                              3:05:21
1980       GINA ZAMBANO (NY, NY)                          3:05:25       Zambano, a physical therpasist won the Provident Marathon.                               1980       PAM BOROWSKY (USA)                               3:04:36                                                                                                                                                    
1981       JAN YERKES (Buckinham, Pa)                   2:39:11       A Local champion who also competed for Villanova University in the 1970s       1982       JAN YERKES (Buckinham, Pa)                   2:34:28       Yerkes was also a 2x winner of the Broad St Run (won the 1st Broad St in 1980)  1983       JANE WETZEL (USA)                                      2:36:38                                                                                                                                                   
1984       BARBARA FILTUZE (Pa)                               2:42:30
1985       SANDRA MEWETT (BERMUDA)                  2:38:30                                                                                                                                            
1986       DOREEN MASTALLI (NY)                             2:47:15                                                                                                                           
1987       LORI LAWSON (Phila, Pa)                           2:54:12      Lawson wins marathon that starts on Chestnut St and finish at Memorial Hall  1988       LORI LAWSON  (Phila, Pa)                          3:04:02      Lawson repeats with a win at the the 3x River Loop / "Fairmount Marathon"     1989       UNKNOWN  ( Known as the FAIRMOUNT MARATHON)                                                                                                                                       1990-1993 NO MARATHON WAS HELD IN PHILADELPHIA                                                                                                                  
1994       JAN WANKLYN (West Chester,PA)         2:52:08       Wanklyn wins race by over 10 minutes over Connie Cominsco-Fanelli                  1995       JEANNE PETERSON (Massapeque,NY)      2:39:54       Peterson's sister Karen finished 2nd in the race                                 
1996       BEA MARIE ALTIERI (Columbia, MD)       2:50:01       Altieri passed local runner, Joan Hunter, at mile 22 to win the race                        1997       SARAH HUNTER (Toronto, Canada)        2:41:35       Hunter,running her first marathon, was a x- country star for Uni of Toronto      1998       JAN WANKLYN (West Chester,PA)         2:44:59       Wanklyn (40 yrs old) won PM in 1994 and is a professional triathlete                    1999       ANN MARIE LAUCK (Hampton, NJ)         2:39:57       Lauck was the first US finisher in the 1996 Olympic Marathon and 11th overall
2000       ELVIRA KOLPAKOVA (RUSSIA)                  2:41:56       Kolpakova won by over 3 min over local runner, Kim Saddic (West Chester )       2001       ELENA PLASTININA (UKRAINE)                2:41:05       Plastinina was a 12 second winner over Philly resident, Andrea Niggemeier        2002       TATYANA MASOLVA (RUSSIA)                  2:39:47       Maslova beat out local runners Cassy Byrne and Kate Fonshell (Ardmore)          2003       SEANA CARMEAN (Amherst,Ma)             2:45:05       Carmean qualified for the 2004 Olympic Trials with her winning time.                  2004       LARISA MIKHAILOVA (RUSSIA)                 2:41:57      Mikahailova, is also a 1:57 800 meter runner who trains in Valley Forge Park      2005       EMILY KROSHUS (CANADA)                       2:43:07      Kroshus was a 3x All-American track runner for Princeton. Nearly 10,000 finish  2006       MARYINA BYCHKOVA (RUSSIA)                2:40:31      Bychkova is one of the top Ultramarathoners in the world                                      2007       KRISTIN PRICE (Pttsburg,Pa.)                    2:42:05      Price over local runner Paige Miller (Ambler). First Pa winner in 9 years
2008       VERA OVEHARUK (UKRAINE)                     2:44:02       Oveharuk wins over Phila runner Abby Dean. Over 18,000 in half/marathon
2009       JUTTA MERILAINEN (FINLAND)                 2:46:44      Merilainen, a mother of 4 and lives in Toronto. Local Doreen McCoumbrie 2nd    2010       MARISKA KRAMER (NETHERLANDS)        2:38:55      Kramer won her first Phila  Mar. by over 2 min. Emily Hulme (Havertown) 3rd.  2011       MARISKA KRAMER (NETHERLANDS)        2:35:46      Kramer wins the Marathon for 2nd straight year by over 8 minutes.                     2012       IRENA MASKANTSEVA (RUSSIA)               2:35:37      Maskantseva first time in Philadelphia Marathon running a PR by nearly 3 min
2013       IRENA ALEXANDROVA (RUSSIA)               2:39:06      Alexandrova's agent (Mikhailova) had won the Phila Marathon in 2004                2014       LEONORA PETRINA (Long Island,NY)     2:39:59       Petrina orginally from New Zealand was running her first marathon.                  2015       GISELA OLALDE  (MEXICO)                         2:40:05       Olade beat out Margaret Vido (former Penn runner) for the marathon win.        2016       TAYLOR WARD (Auburn, Alabama)        2:36:25       Ward's first visit to Philadelphia won on a very cold and 30 mph wind gusts.
2017       SARAH KIPTOO (New Mexico/kenya)    2:38.14      Kiptoo won by over 2 minutes over Hellen Jemutai and 3200 women finishers.
2018       SERKAIEM ABRHA (NM./Ethiopia)           2:32:52*    Abrha wins easily by over 7 minutes to smash the course record by nearly 3 minutes

** The AAU East Region Marathon Championship (Pan Am Qualifier) held on Schuylkill River Loop in 1971. Beth Bonner was an 18 year old Brandywine JC runner, ran USA best marathon time of 3:01:42 in this race. Even though it was not  a "Philadelphia Marathon" it is worth taking note of it in marathon's list in Philadelphia. Bonner finished 21st overall out of 81 starters.
*Philadelphia Marathon Women's Record.

                                                     PENN RELAYS MARATHON CHAMPIONS LIST

 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PENN RELAYS MARATHON:  The University of Pennsylvania has been hosting the longest running and largest track carnival since April 21, 1895.  James Tuppeney, the longtime track & field coach and race director of the Penn Relays descided to add to the size of the 4 day meet by adding a Marathon to the list of track events.  The 26.2 mile race was added to the Penn Relays in 1973 and was run on Tuesday (first event) on the 3 loop Schuylkill River Loop with the start and finish at Plaised Boathouse.  It was open to all but many college runners at the time competed in the race. In the first Penn Relays Marathon, 55 runners started and only 29 finished the race that was run mid day on a hot and sunny April day.

  After a few years, the course was changed to an Olympic Style finish with the start outside Franklin Field, run up a 13.1 mile course in West Philly, to the West River Drive, and west up the Forbidden Drive (Wissakickon) bridle path to Whitemarsh.  At the end of the path, runners turned and returned and finished with 1 loop around the track and finish in historic Franklin Field.  The marathon lasted until 1984 and then was switched to a 20k before being discontinued.  The Penn Relays marathon generally drew between 300-600 runners and added to the long history of distance running in the City of Philadelphia                                                                                                                                                   YEAR         NAME/CITY/STATE/TEAM                              TIME                   NOTES AND TRIVIA                                                                                          
1973          KARL THORNTON/ PHILA                              2:32:07              THORNTON WAS A SUB 4 MIN MILER AND FORMER CAPT. OF PENN'S TEAM   1974          DAVE PATTERSON/NORRISTOWN               2:33:03              PATTERSON ALSO WON THE PHILADELPHIA MARATHON IN 1981                       1975          ARTHUR HALL /OAKWOOD TC/NY              2:27:32              HALL COMPETED FOR SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY. 78 MEN/3 WOMEN IN RACE     1976          MARTY SUDZINA/ PETER & PAUL                2:28:19                                                                                                                                                                     1977          MARK STEVENSON/ NAVAL ACADEMY      2:27:13                                                                                                                                                                     1978          MARTY SUDZINA / PETER & PAUL               2:23:51                                                                                                                                                                     1979          TIM BECKENSTOSE/ PENN STATE                 2:22:14               The Coatsville native won after 3 Penn Relay marathon tries.                              1980          JEFF BRANDT/ APPALACHIAN STATE          2:22:56              The Bloomsburg St grad took over at 13 miles and beat a field of 1100.              1981          TERRY STANLEY                                                2:17:34              Skipping Boston due to injury, he set a PR course record in win over 1,019       1982          JEFF BRANDT/ APPALACHIAN STATE          2:22:28              Brandt wins PR for 2nd time while being led the wrong way a few times.        1983         VINCE TOUEY/DELCO RRC                              2:26:00               St James Coach and running for Delco RR won by over 3 minutes over 700       1984         BOB SCHLAU/ SOUTH CAROLINA                2:17:16               The stockbroker qualified for US Olympic trials and won by over 5 minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WOMEN'S  CHAMPIONS LIST                                                                                                                                                                                                                              YEAR        NAME/CITY/STATE/TEAM                               TIME                NOTES AND TRIVEA                                                                                    
1973         EILEEN DISKIN/CHERRY HILL, NJ                  4:00:34            Diskin was only women to finish. She is a elementary school teacher.         1974         EILEEN DISKIN/ CHERRY HILL, NJ                  NA                   Diskin only women out of 105 finishers.                                                                  1975         EILEEN DISKIN/CHERRY HILL, NJ                  3:37:31            Diskin finished 1st women (out of 3) and 49th overall in the race                   1976         ALI FATIMA/PHILADELPHIA                           3:59:58            Fatima finished 42nd overall (105 starters) and only women to finish.   
1977         JILL ADAMS/ ENGLAND                                   3:10:07            Adams on holiday in Phila, only descided to run the race 2 weeks pior       1978         NO RECORD OF WOMEN FINISHING                                                                                                                                                                                     
1979         DIANE MILLER/GREATER PITTSBURG RR  3:07:21              Miller wins her first time at Penn Relays. She would win race 4xs.                        1980         DIANE MILLER/GREATER PITTSBURG RR  3:06:15             She won the race over 2nd place,Hollie Walton, who took a wrong turn.              1981         LENA HOLLMAN/HAVERFORD RC               2:54:55            The native of Sweden set a course record and finished 75th overall.                      1982         DIANE MILLER/GREATER PITTSBURG RR  2:51:04             Miller ran personal best after returning from an ankle injury for third PR win  1983         LENA HOLLMAN/HAVERFORD RC               2:54:52            A computer programer for Penn won by over 3 min over Bev Reilly, Villanova 
1984         DIANE MILLER/SAUCONY TC                        2:52:11            Miller won the PR marathon for the 4th time but miss Olympic trials by 1 min                                                                                                                                                                                         

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