The Mid Atlantic Conference (also known as Mid Atlantic College Conference/ founded in 1912 as a track confernce) went through a number of transitions in name and also it's members throughout the years.  For the scope of  Belmont Plateau Cross Country Hall of Fame coverage we will list the Champions of Cross Country list maily to the years where local teams from Philadelphia were members and/or Belmont Plateu was the venue for the championship race.  Pre 1963, The MAC champion for cross country came from one race with all members competing for the one title.  By 1963, the MAC had grown in membership to 30 teams, and the Championship race was divided with 2 Titles (University and College Division,) basted on size. This 2 Championship format lasted from 1963 to 1973. In 1974 there was a re configuring of the conferences with the smaller colleges staying in the MAC and the larger universities forming a new conference called the East Coast Conference (ECC). The MAC/ECC cross country championships where held primarally at Belmont Plateau (5.2 mile Classic Course) from 1963 to 1982. Once the bigger Philadelphia based teams (Temple and Saint Joseph) left the ECC, the championship moved up to the Lehigh course.  The MAC conference championship s started moving away from Belmont Plateau after 1974.  Listed below is the Champions list for the MAC/ECC when the race had Philadelphia based teams and also competed in the Philadelphia area (Cobbs Creek or Belmont Plateau  Saint Joseph was a dominating team in the 1940s to 1960 and was led by Coach George Bertlesman.   During the later time of the MAC/ECC at Belmont Plateau, Coach Artie Gulden built a powerhouse team at Bucknell University who dominated the 1970s and 1980s.      Standout runners in the MAC/ECC where Johnny Kelly and Kevin Quinn (Saint Joseph) who won 2 titles each.   Paul Minehan (2 titles/La Salle), Bill Mahoney (3 titles/Temple). Dominant runners in the 1970s and 80s from Bucknell where (George Buckeit /2 titles) and all time leader Bill Reifsnyder with 4 ECC Cross Country titles.   Kevin Quinn and Mike Glavin went on to become long time coach at Saint Joseh University and George Buckheit still holds the Schulkill River 8.4 Mile Loop Run record (set in 1983) with a time of 40:03.  Neil Weygandt is currently the second longest Boston Marathon consecutive streak with 44 straight Boston Marathons.  Paul Minehan coached Bishop McDevitt HS to the Philadelphia Catholic XC Championship in 1970. 

YEAR               TEAM CHAMPION                          INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION  (TEAM)                           TIME /COURSE/DISTANCE                         NOTES                                  
1947                SAINT JOSEPH                               JOHNNY KELLEY (SAINT JOSEPH)                      22:30/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1948                SAINT JOSEPH                               JIM GROSHOLZ (HAVERFORD)                             22:46/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1949                SAINT JOSEPH                               JOHNNY KELLEY (SAINT JOSEPH)                      22:22/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1950                SAINT JOSEPH                               JOHNNY CUNNINGHAM (SAINT JOSEPH)       22:05/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1951                SAINT JOSEPH                               NA                                                                                     NA/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1952                SAINT JOSEPH                               DONALD MANGER (JOHN HOPKINS)                 20:56/NEWARK,DE/4.5 MILES
1953                SAINT JOSEPH                               NA                                                                                     NA/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1954                SAINT JOSEPH                               NA                                                                                     NA/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1955                SAINT JOSEPH                               JOSEPH SLOAN (SAINT JOSEPH)                       21:44/ALLENTOWN/4.5MILES
1956                SAINT JOSEPH                               EARL JEFFERSON (LA SALLE)                              21:33/ALLENTOWN/4.5 MILES
1957                SAINT JOSEPH                              JOSEPH SLOAN (SAINT JOSEPH)                       24:35 /COBBS CREEK/4.5 MILES
1958                LA SALLE                                          EARL JEFFERSON (LA SALLE)                              24:49/COBBS CREEK/4.5 MILES
1959                SAINT JOSEPH                              CARL OLAF HOMEN (DELAWARE)                       23:57/COBBS CREEK/4.5 MILES
1960                SAINT JOSEPH                              KEVIN QUINN (SAINT JOSEPH)                           24:19/COBBS CREEK/4.5 MILES
1961                LA SALLE                                          KEVIN QUINN (SAINT JOSEPH)                           21:08 /ALLENTOWN/4.2 MILES
1962                DELAWARE                                      PAUL MINEHAN (LA SALLE)                                  23:40/COBBS CREEK/4.5 MILES
1963*              WEST CHESTER (COLLEGE)     PAUL GILLESPIE (WEST CHESTER)                   26:14/BELMONT PLATEAU/4.7 MILES
                          LA SALLE (UNIVERSITY)            PAUL MINEHAN (LA SALLE)                                   24:36/BELMONT PLATEAU/4.7 MILES
                          LA SALLE (UNIVERSITY)            PETE DOUGHERTY (LA SALLE)                             27:41/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          SAINT JOSEPH (UNIVERSITY) BILL MAHONEY (TEMPLE)                                      26:56/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          LA SALLE (UNIVERSITY)             BILL MAHONEY (TEMPLE)                                      26:55/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1967                PA MILITARY (COLLEGE)            RON SAYERS (PA MILITARY/PMC)                      27:56/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          TEMPLE  (UNIVERSITY)              BILL MAHONEY (TEMPLE)                                      26:40/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1968                URSINUS (COLLEGE)                  BRUCE ALBERT (URSINUS)                                    27:20/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          LEHIGH (UNIVERSITY)                ED CARNEY (LEHIGH)                                               26:49/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1969                URSINUS (COLLEGE)                  BRUCE ALBERT (URSINUS)                                    27:14/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          LEHIGH (UNIVERSITY)                TIM STEELE (LEHIGH)                                              26:23/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1970                SWARTHMORE (COLLEGE)       RICH SCHULTZ (SWARTHMORE)                         27:15/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          LEHIGH (UNIVERSITY)                TIM STEELE (LEHIGH)                                              26:10/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1971                SWARTHMORE (COLLEGE)        RICH SCHULTZ (SWARTHMORE)                        27:09/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          AMERICAN (UNIVERSITY)           JOHN HEIL (LEHIGH)                                               26:02/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1972                SWARTHMORE (COLLEGE)        STEVE LUBAR (SWARTHMORE)                           26:51/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          LEHIGH (UNIVERSITY)                 GARY COHEN (AMERICAN)                                    25:50/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1973                WIDENER (COLLEGE)                   LARRY GARNER (WIDENER)                                  27:11/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          BUCKNELL/LEHIGH (TIE)UNIV  GARY COHEN (AMERICAN)                                   25:27/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1974**            LEHIGH UNIVERSITY                    WAYNE RODGERS (LEHIGH)                                 25:30 /BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES  1ST ECC CHAMPIONSHIP
1975                 BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY             DAN DAVIS (BUCKNELL)                                        26:28 /BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1976                 BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            MIKE GLAVIN (SAINT JOSEPH)                            25:36/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1977                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY             GEORGE BUCKHEIT (BUCKNELL)                       25:44/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES 
1978                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            GEORGE BUCKEIT (BUCKNELL)                           26:14/BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES   Bucknell places 1,2,3,4,6
1979                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            JIM KNIGHT (BUCKNELL)                                       25:07/LEHIGH U. COURSE/5 MILES       Bucknell places 4 in top 5
1980                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            BILL REIFSNYDER (BUCKNELL)                           25:41/ BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
1981                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            BILL REIFSNYDER (BUCKNELL)                           NA/ NA
1982                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            BILL REIFSNYDER (BUCKNELL)                          25:33 /BELMONT PLATEAU/5.2 MILES
                          BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY (W)   JODY CAMBELL (DELAWARE)                               18:18/BELMONT PLATEAU/3.1 MILES  * Only listing of W at Belmont/ECC
1983                BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY            BILL REIFSNYDER (BUCKNELL)                          24:45/LEHIGH U. COURSE/5 MILES        New Course Record (Lehigh)

 *** Temple. La Salle and Saint Joseph had left the East Coast Conference by 1982 and the ECC's remaining members where Bucknell, Lehigh, Delaware, Rider, Lafayette, Townson, Drexel and American.  

**** The teams that had been part of the College Division in the 1960s and early 1970s remained in the MAC. The MAC was members where smaller colleges such as Haverford, Franklin & Marshall, Susquehanna, Ursinus, Swarthmore, Scrantion, Kings, Delaware Valley, Albright and Gettysburg. The Championship races for the MAC and ECC had left Belmont Plateau by the mid 1980s and contested at other venues. 

***** The East Coast Conference, formed in 1974, members where (Bucknell, Lehigh, Saint Joseph, Temple, La Salle, Lafayette, American, West Chester, Rider, and some others)

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