The 10 mile Broad Street Run was first held on June 1 in 1980.  The race was started during the "Road Running Boom" by the Dept of Recreation in Philadelphia as a way to promote fitness and community pride.  The start was in the Logan area of North Philly at Broad and Summerville and ran straight down (south) Broad Street (thru City Hall courtyard) and finished Olympic Style  in the 100,000 seat JFK (Municiple) Stadium in South Philly.  (JFK was located where the Wells Fargo is today).   The first year drew a litlle over 1,000 starters and only finishers were rewarded with a "Broad Street Run Finisher" T shirt.  The race was run on a hot and sunny day with Mike Bradley (Bishop McDevitt HS/ California (Pa) State grad) winning for the men (52:07) and Jan Yerkes (Villanova graduate) being the first women to finish in a time of 63:45.    John Jennings (2x Phila. Catholic League Champion in 1971 and 1972) finished 'unofficially' in 2nd place in 52:45 but he did not sign up for the race and did not count in the official stats.   Many local high school and college champions from the Philadelphia area have taken pride in winning the Broad Street Run.  (Dave Thomas, founder of this website finished 16th in 1980).   

The course has changed minimally since 1980, with the first 5 miles covering the same route. The race goes around City Hall Courtyard now and the finished has changed from JFK Stadium the first few years to the finish in FDR park in South Philly.   Most recently the race has had a straight finish with runners finishing on Broad Street just inside the Philadelphia Naval Yard.  

  Over the years, the race grew in numbers slowly with about 5,000 runners by 2005 .  The race has become a "cult" exprerience with many runners training just  to finish this one race each year.The Philadelpia Daily News was the race sponsor for years.   Blue Cross has been a long time Sponsor of the Race and the race helps support the Cancer Society and many local chariites in the Philadelphia area (including Belmont Plateau Cross Country Park). Mayor (and later Governor Ed Rendell gave "high fives" to the runners as they past the Union League and runners were cheered on by crowds lining the sidewalk in South Philly.   With the addition of computerized chips  and wave starts, the race size has exploded with over 40,000 runner running the 10 miles "down Broad Street" on the first Sunday in May.   The Race directors started with long time city  recreation employee Joe Cook and Joseph Callan.  Jim Marino of the City Dept of Parks and Recreation has been the race director for over 10 years and has grown the race to the largest 10 mile race in the United States and one of the best organized and city supported races in the United States.  In 2016, there was nearly 40,000 runners starting the race in waves and many runners where turned away.  The race is now known as the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and supports many local Philadelphia based charites and also annual maintence and support of cross country racing at Belmont Plateau Park.


YEAR                   CHAMPIONS NAME/CITY                            TIME                     NOTES AND TRIVIA                                                                                                                                
1980                   MIKE BRADLEY (Wyndmoor, Pa)             52:45                Bradley ran his senior year at Bishop  McDevitt.   Over 1000 starters in first year. 
1981                  JACK KRUSE (CHERRY HILL,NJ)              50:34                 Kruse was All American runner for Glasboro State. Over 3000 runners in late May.
1982                  JACK KRUSE (CHERRY HILL,NJ)              49:01                 Kruse just out dipped Lee Edmunds (Bucknell grad) by less than a second to win.
1983                  JACK KRUSE (CHERRY HILL,NJ)              49:46                 Kruse, a subsitute teacher, wins for 3rd year in a row. Jack Myers 2nd place, 4 sec back
1984                  KEVIN MCGARRY (HORSHAM, PA)           48:23                 McGarry was the Pa. HS  2 mile record holder for Arch. Wood in 1972. Kruse 2nd, G Fanelli-3rd.
1985                  JACK KRUSE (CHERRY HILL, NJ)             50:53                  Kruse wins the race for the 4th time in 5 years.  Moses Mayfield and Tom Osler age group
1986                  JIM VAN BLUNK (BALA CYNWYD, PA)     49:05                 Van Blunk was a cross country and track champion at Pennsbury HS and St Joseph's.
1987                  JIM VAN BLUNK (BALA CYNWYD, PA)     49:22                  Van Blunk wins for 2nd year with Ringo Adamson 2nd and Mike Patterson 3rd place.
1988                  BOB SCHWELM (BRYN MAWR, PA)          48:31                  Schwelm, who played soccer for F & M,went on to be a owner of Bryn Mawr Running Co
1989                  BRIANE FERRARI (JEROME, PA)               49:10                  Ferrari was 2x NCAA Div 2 -10,000 meter track and 1x  XC Nat. Champ. for Cal U.(Pa) 
1990                  JIM NORRIS (VALLEY FORGE, PA)            47:53                  Norris was Olympic qualfier runner who competed for Bishop Kendrick and St Joseph
1991                  BRENT BARNHILL (HAVERTOWN,PA)     47:55                  Barnhill was a top runner for La Salle Univ and qualified for Olympic Trials in marathon
1992                  SIMON PETER (TANZANIA)                          47:43                  First time a international runner won the race. 2nd was Sean Wade (New Zealand)
1993                  KHALID KAIROUANI (MOROCCO)              47:13                  Kairouani (residing in Acton, NY) was runner up in the Philadelphia Distance Run in 92.
1994                  ERIC LORENZ (DELRAN, NJ)                        49:21                  Lorenz, former Wake Forest runner, beat bad weather and Olympian Sydney Maree
1995                  JOSEPH KAMAU (KENYA)                              47:26                 Kamau slightly lost near the finish. Haverford College great, Seamus McElligot 3rd place
1996                   JOEL ONWONGA (KENYA)                            47:27                 Onwonga trained locally in Valley Forge Park and lived in Norristown.
1997                   JOHN MWAI (KENYA)                                      47:42                 Over 5500 finishers in the race as Independence Blue Cross becomes long time sponsor
1998                   JOHN MWAI (KENYA)                                      48:44                 Mwai repeats in win while edging out fellow Kenyan, Daniel Kihara by 4 seconds.
1999                    ELIJAH KITUR (KENYA)                                 47:41                 Broad Street Run entrants pass 7300 and finish line moved to Navy Yard from FDR park
2000                    BEN KIMONDIU (KENYA)                              47:28                  Kiondiu wins the race after finishing 3rd place the last 2 previous years at Broad Street
2001                    RONALD MOGAKA (KENYA)                         46:48                  Mogaka living locally in Royersford, Pa breaks the course record with Kenya top 3
2002                    SIMON WANGUI (KENYA)                              45:16                 Wangui runs the fastest 10 mile race ever run in US and 3rd fastest in the world!
2003                    SIMON WANGUI (KENYA)                              45:19                 Wangui repeats and misses his record by only 3 seconds as BSR draws over 9,000.
2004                    JULIUS KIBET (KENYA)                                  48:07                 Kibet wins on hot/humid day. Terrrance Mahon (Villanova) was first local runner in 4th
2005                    JOHN ITATI (KENYA)                                       47:59                 Itati celebrated his BSR win by having his first cheesteak. Over 12,000 finishers.    
2006                    NATHAN KOSGEI (KENYA)                            48:18                  Kosgei battles the whole way and just edges Gurm Kuissa of Ethiopia by 1 second
2007                    PATRICK CHERUIYOT (KENYA)                   45:14                 Cheruiyot helped by a strong tailwind breaks BSR record by 5 seconds. 15,800 finished
2008                    PHILLIP KOECH (KENYA)                              46:23                  Koech wins the race by over 90 seconds. Widener U grad, Machuri Yuot (Lost Boy) 3rd
2009                    LINUS MAIYO (KENYA)                                    47:21                 Maiyo won by by only 4 seconds over Worki Beyi.   A record 23,000 runners finish.
2010                    ALENE RETA (ETHIOPIA)                               48:10                 Reta becomes the first non Kenyan winner of BSR in 15 straight years. 
2011                    KETEMA NIGUSSE  (ETHIOPIA)                   46:29                 Nigusse came from behind, passing Martin Fagan (Ireland/Arizona) to win by 10sec
2012                    HENRY RUTTO (KENYA)                                 47:06                 Michael Mceeman (Ardmore), Phila Marathon champ was top American(6th) in 49:10
2013                    AYELE  FEIShA (ETHIOPIA)                           47:03                 Over 38,000 runners ran BSR under heavy security after the Boston Marathon bombing
2014                    MOURAD  MAROFIT (MORROCO)               47:07                 Marofit, ran in the 2008 Olympics in the 5k. He lives in Roxborough, trains in Valley Green
2015                    HAILE MENGESHA  (ETHIOPIA)                   47:54                 Mengesha won by over 45 seconds over Ethopian,  El Jazouli. Over 40,000 runners in BSR
2016                    ABEBE MEKURIA SIBINE (ETHIOPIA)        48:43                 Sibine avg. 4:52 pace in the rain to hold off Mathew Kiplagot (Kenya) by 8 seconds
2017                   DOMINICK KORIR (KENYA)                             47:38                Facing windy day, Korir edges fellow Kenyan, Phillip Mburu by 1 second for the win 
2018                   DANIEL KEMOI (Elkton,Md)                           45:43                 Kemoi avg 4:34 pace to win race over Geoffrey Ngetich by more than 1 minute. 
2019                   DANIEL kEMOI (Elkton, Md)                           47:19                 Kemoi ins for 2nd time over Simion Chircchir (48:03). Paul Matuzak (8th) first Philly              


YEAR                  NAME (CITY/STATE/COUNTRY)                   TIME                         NOTES AND TRIVIA                                                                                                                 
1980                  JAN YERKES (BUCKINGHAM, PA)               1:03:45                  Yerkes competed for Villanova and was a winner of the Philadelphia Marathon
1981                  SHEILA DALO (PA)                                            1:03:25                   Dalo is one of 3000 runners to finish the 2nd BSR.
1982                 PAT SHIFFERT (Roxborough, Phila)            57:48                    Shiffert ran for Glassboro and also one of the 7 official women of Boston Marathon
1983                 ROBERTA ANTHES (ARDMORE, PA)            1:00:33                 Anthes won her first 10 mile race beating Lena Hollman of Philadelphia.
1984                 LENA HOLLMAN (PHILA)                                    59:58                  Hollman wins after 2nd place in 1983. She had also won the Penn Relay's Marathon
1985                 RENIE SHIELDS (Collingswood, NJ)             59:02                   Shields was All Catholic Baskeball player in HS and played BB for Saint Josephs
1986                 RENIE SHIELDS (Phila, Pa)                               57:27                   Sheilds wins for 2nd year breaking CR. She is assistant coach for Villanova basketball
1987                 RENIE SHIELDS (Phila, Pa)                               57:51                   Shields wins race for 3rd time with Lori Adams of Bethlehem finishing 2nd.
1988                 SHELLY STEELY  (Levitown,PA)                     54:11                   Steely, local athlete who was on World XC Championship team and in 1992 Olympics
1989                 JANE DIMARCO (King of Prussia, Pa)          57:56                   Over 4,500 runners competed in the race this year.
1990                 JAN YERKES (BUCKINGHAM, PA)                 1:03:45                Yerkes returns to the winner's circle 10 years after winning the first BSR.
1991                 JILLIAN BESCHLOSS (NYC, NY)                        56:22                 Beschloss runs a PR for the 10 miles and becomes first women outside Phila area to win
1992                CAROL HAUX (Norristown,PA)                          57:37                 Haux, ran for Bishop Kennedy HS and Villanova and part of 2 NCAA XC Champ teams.
1993                ELAINE VAN BLUNK (Bala Cynwd, Pa)           53:15                 Van Blunk was a top distance runner for Saint Joseph and Penn Relays track champion
1994                LORI ROCH (Colorado)                                         57:14                 Roch and her teamate Kirsten Russell (2nd place) ran Penn Relays 5,000 3 days prior. 
1995                GORDON BAKOULIS (NYC, NY)                          55:18                 Bakoulis was first US finisher in NYC Marathon (6th overall) and had won Tim Kerr 10k     
1996                 LISA VAIL (Albany,NY)                                          55:38                 Vail trains and works on dairy farm with her sister Thersa, a national class racewalker 
1997                 ELAINE VAN BLUNK                                               54:45                 Van Blunk repeats win in BSR after finishing 4th in Penn Relays 10,000 a week prior.
1998                TERESA WANJIKU  (KENYA)                                57:13                 This was Wanjiku, who stands 4ft. 7 in,  first win in the US after 3 previous races      
1999                CATHERINE NDEREBA (KENYA)                         53:07                 Ndereba was 4x Boston Marathon champ, 2x Olympic medalist and 2x World Champion
2000                ANASTASIA NDEREBA (KENYA)                          57:10                 Ndereba is the sister of 1999 champ of BSR and won the race on very hot/humid day.
2001                MISTI DEMKO (HERSHEY,PA)                             55:14                 Demko ran for years finishing often in top 10 in big races. Won Berwick Diamonds  1992
2002                COLLEEN BYRNE (Pottstown,PA)                     55:25                 Byrne is a former hurdler for Villanova and trail and adventure runner. 
2003                KATE FONSHELL (ARDMORE, PA)                      56:41                Fonshell, former Villanova champion, won Olympic Tr and competed in 10,000 in 96 OG.
2004                MARIA BUSIENEI (KENYA)                                     57:32                 Busienei, 18 yrs old, was never challenged.  Vicki Huber, Villanova great, finished 6th.
2005                MARINA IVANOVA (RUSSIA)                                  55:37                Ivanova wins race after only being in US for 3 days. Defeats 2004 Phila Marathon champ
2006                OLGA ROMANOVA (RUSSIA)                                 53:21                Romanova, who trains in Maryland, only finished 14 seconds off the Ndereba record.
2007                NAOMI WANGUI (KENYA)                                       53:43                Wangui wins the race defeating 2006 BSR champ, Romanova, by 31 seconds.
2008                JANE MURAGE (KENYA)                                          54:16               Murage was running in her first race in the USA. Local runner, Abby Dean was 3rd.
2009                JANE MURAGE (KENYA)                                          53:31               Murage, who is based in Royersford, Pa   improved on her last year time to win. 
2010                BIZUNESH DEBA (ETHIOPIA)                                55:13               Deba won by 9 seconds. First Philadelphian, was Martha Brown who was 4th in 58:21.
2011                MALIKA MEJDOUB (MORROCO)                           55:40              Mejoub, who trains out of  NY, won by 6 seconds over Yihunish Bekele (Ethiopia)
2012                ESTHER ERB (Blowing Rock, NC)                        55:28              Local Master, Doreen McCoubrie (50 years old!) was top master and 13th overall.
2013                ASKALE MARACHI (ETHIOPIA)                              53:46              Ethiopa swepte both men and women this year as Marachi  earned $3,000 for the win.
2014                BERTUKAN FEYISA GERMAME (ETHIOPIA)      55:25              Germame opened up a lead afer City Hall and won by 14 sec. over Tsehay Geitso
2015                TIGIST JABORE (ETHIOPIA)                                   53:34              Jabore wins $3000 at BSR one day after winning the Health10k in Va. the day before
2016                CRYSTAL BURNICK (SKIPPACK,PA)                    57:07              Local runner, Burnick, won by over 50 seconds over Emily Giannotti of Ephrata, Pa.
2017                ASKALE MARACHI (ETHIOPIA)                              53:48               Former champion from 2013 wins again coming close to course record. 
2018                SOPHY JEPCHIRCHIR (Chapel Hill, NC)            55:43              Jepchirchir wins her first Broad St Run by over 30 seconds ahead of Zipporah Chebet. 
2019                SUSAN JEROTICH                                                       54:46              Jerotich wins a close with only a 8 second finish over 2nd place, Paela Cherotich.                                                                                                              


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