The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) was the governing body of all amateur sports from the late 1800s to the 1980s.  The sport of Cross Country ( Track & Field) was overseen and organized by the AAU. Distance running has always been popular in the City of Philadelphia and the Mid Atlantic area.  In the early days,  many local neighbrohoods had athletic club for junior and senior men and with many of the stronger ones being faith based clubs.  Clubs such as Shanahan Catholic Club (42nd and Lancaster Ave), Nativity Catholic Club (Port Richmond) won many of the championships in the early years.  Strong clubs where also based from industry (such as Meadowbrook Club sponsored by the John Wanamaker Dept. Store), and athletic clubs (Mercury, Germantown Boys).    Many of the AAU Cross Country Championships for the first 40 years where actually "Road Races" by today's definition.   All races in the early days had between 30-200 runners were held under the AAU and in order to compete in local races, runners where members of local clubs that were members of the AAU.

   The annual Mid Atlantic AAU Senior CC Champs for 19 year old males and older,  was organized by the local club and run on neighbrohood streets (mostly in Philadelphia) and overseen by the AAU and it's officials.  Throughout the year from 1900 to 1950s, many of the local CC  races where "handicap" runs with the championship CC in late November or Mid December, with all AAU members starting from scratch. The local club took great pride in winning the annual championship. Many Olympians cometed in the annual championship with the most famous runner being Browning Ross (1948 and 1952 Olympic runner and National AAU XC Champ, who ran for Villanova University and won the race 12x). Browning Ross later founded the Road Runners Club of America. Other great champions were Joe Barry, Davey Wright, TomDonnelly, Vic Zwolak, Chris Mason (members of championship teams at Villanova), Herb Lorenz (member of National USA Team in CC), and Rich D'Sebastian (2x Philadelphia Marathon Champion).    Championships sometimes were held outside Philadelphia and run in the New Jersey or Harrisburg area, but  the annual championship was help primarly in Philadelphia and Fairmount Park. In the 1940-1960s, some of the stronger clubs where Shanahan (coached by Jack Pyrah, who later became long time assistant at Villanova) and Penn AC (Jack Saint Clair, Sr coached the club).  

   In the 1920s to the 1960s. the annual championship used a course known as the Fairmount Park National Course.  This 10,000 meter course, started at Boathouse Row,up Lemmon Hil,  travelled over to the West River Drive, past Sweebriar to the top of the hill by Belmont Mansion (at Belmont Plateau).  After peaking up the hill at Belmont Plateau, the runners returned down the West Drive, across the Girard Bridge and finished on Boathouse Row.  The Senior Championship eventually moved off the road/grass courses to all grass/trail with it's move to Belmont Plateau in 1964.  The Mid Atlantic AAU also organized an annual Junior  championship (under 19 years) that was also 10,000 meters long. In the transition phase during early 1980s, the AAU became The Athletic Congress ( TAC) and then eventually the USATF (United States Assoc for Track & Field).  TAC/ USATF  broke from the AAU and became the governing body of USA Track and Field  The Mid Atlantic Association has continued to hold an annual Cross Country Championship for it's member club members.  With the running boom of the 1970s, many more races have been organized since then with most of them being independent from the USATF and there are many runners in modern times that compete in races, but are not members of the USATF.  The annual Senior Championship for the Mid Atlantic Association became a "Cross Country" Series for a few years in the 2000-2015 era, but starting in 2016 continued back to a 1 race championship format for Open (Senior) an Master Cross Country runners 

   Belmont Plateau continues to be the central venue for cross country and the Mid Atlantic Association  of the USATF continues today with cross country championships for it's senior/open (19-39), master (40 +) and women racers.  Below is a list of Senior Championship results and in more modern times, champions  from the AAU/MAUSATF Cross Country Championship. Results and details  were supplied from newspaper articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

YEAR         TEAM CHAMPION                        INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION (TEAM)         TIME       CITY/RACE COURSE /DISTANCE       
1902           HOUSTON AC                                    JK BAILLIE  (HOUSTON CC)                         31:59        PHILADELPHIA/ 5.5 MILES
1905           SHANAHAN CATHOLIC CLUB       SHEPPARD (SHANAHAN CC)                      30:26       PHILADELPHIA/ 5.5 MILES
1906           SHANAHAN CC                                 SHEPPARD (SHANAHAN CC)                      31:10       PHILADELPHIA /5.5 MILES
1907           SHANAHAN CC                                 JOHN T. GALLAGHER (SHANAHAN CC)   30:28       PHILADELPHIA/ 5.5 MILES
1908           NO DETAILS OF RACE FOUND                                                                                                                                           
1909           SHANAHAN CC                                GEORGE MCINERNEY (SHANAHAN CC)    39:12       PHILA (KENSINGTON)/5.8 MILES (SNOW)
1910           MARQUETTE AC                               M. COLBY (MARQUETTE AC)                        34:30       PHILADELPHIA/5.5 MILES  
1911           SHANAHAN CC                                 JOHNNY GALLAGHER (SHANAHAN CC)  35:10       PHILADELPHIA/6 MILES
1912           GERMANTOWN AC                         THOMAS MCCOOMBE (KENSINGTON)     37:36       PHILADELPHIA/6 MILES
1913           NO DETAILS OF RACE                                                                                                                                                                              
1914           MARQUETTE AC                                JOSEPH SCHWARTZ (MERCURY AC)         34:10       PHILADELPHIA/ 6 MILES
1915           MERCURY AC                                     JOSEPH SCHWARTZ (MERCURY AC)         38:10       PHILA (GERMANTOWN)/ 6+MILES
1916           MEADOWBROOK AC                       GROVER C CAUGHEY (PITTSBURG AC)     33:37       PHILA (KENSINGTON)/5.8 MILES
1917           MEADOWBROOK AC                       HENRY SIEGEL (MEADOWBROOK)            37:08       PHILA (COBBS CREEK)6.5 MILES
1918           MEADOWBROOK AC                       BILL CUMMINGS (MEADOWBROOK)       29:50        PHILA (NORTH PHILA)/ 5.8 MILES
1919           MEADOWBROOK AC                       JOHNNY GRAY (UNATTACHED)                 29:31        PHILA (NORTH PHILA)/5.8 MILES
1920           MEADOWBROOK AC                       JOHN MCKENAN (MEADOWBROOK)        27:25       PHILA (GERMANTOWN)/5 MILES
1921           MEADOWBROOK AC                      FRANK WORTHINGTON (MEADOWBROOK)   29:30       PHILADELPHIA / 5.5 MILES
1922           MEADOWBROOK AC                      BILL RITTER (MEADOWBROOK)                  34:18       PHILADELPHIA/ 6 MILES
1923           MEADOWBROOK AC                      JOHNNY GRAY (ENTERPRISE AC)                32:12       PHILADELPHIA/ 6 MILES  
1924           MEADOWBROOK AC                      FRANK CARNEY (SHANAHAN CC)              NA           PHILADELPHIA/ 6 MILES
1925           MEADOWBROOK AC                      JOHNNY GRAY (UNATTACHED)                  NA            PHILADELPHIA/ 6 MILES
1926           SHANAHAN CC                                JOHNNY GRAY (UNATTACHED)                  35:38        PHILA /FAIRMOUNT PK /10,000 METER 
1927           SHANAHAN CC                                JOHNNY GRAY (UNATTACHED)                  NA            PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1928           NATIVITY CC                                    BILL MCKENNA (NATIVITY)                         34:02        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1929           MEADOWBROOK AC                      TOM OTTEY (MEADOWBROOK AC)            38:50        PHILADELPHIA /7 MILES
1930           MEADOWBROOK AC                      TOM OTTEY (MEADOWBROOK AC)            31:01        ELKINS PARK AREA/6 MILES
1931           MEADOWBROOK AC                      TOM OTTEY (MEADOWBROOK AC)            32:02        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1932           MEADOWBROOK AC                      HERB TREFFERSON (UNATTACHED)           35:20        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1933           MEADOWBROOK AC                      JOE MUNDY (UNATTACHED)                        35:32        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1934           SHANAHAN CC                                JOHN ZACH (SHANAHAN CC)                      34:11        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1935           SHANAHAN CC                                TOM OTTEY (UNATTACHED)                        35:24        GLOUCHESTER, NJ / 6.5 MILES
1936           SHANAHAN CC                                HAROLD AUCH (SHANAHAN CC)                33:30        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1937           SHANAHAN CC                                JOSEPH SULLIVAN (SHANAHAN CC)          34:23        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1938           SHANAHAN CC                                JOSEPH SULLIVAN (SHANAHAN CC)          31:35        PHILA/SOUTH PHILLY/ 6 MILES
1939           SHANAHAN CC                                HENRY HART (MERCURY AC)                       33:27        PHILA/SOUTH PHILLY/6 MILES
1940           SHANAHAN CC                                EDDIE BLACKWELL (MERCURY AC)             32:15       PHILA/SOUTH PHILLY/ 6 MILES
1941           SHANAHAN CC                                DAVE WILLIAMS (SHANAHAN CC)              31:09       PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1942           SHANAHAN CC                                DAVE WILLIAMS (SHANAHAN CC)              30:35       PHILA (ROXBOROUGH)/ 6 MILES
1943           SHANAHAN CC                                DAVE WILLIAMMS (SHANAHAN CC)          32:21       PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1944           NATIVITY CC                                    PHILLIP STILLWELL (SHANAHAN CC)         32:19       PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1945           SHANAHAN CC                                BROWNING ROSS (SHANAHAN CC)           33:30        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1946           VILLANOVA AC                               BROWNING ROSS (VILLANOVA AC)           33:20        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1947           SHANAHAN CC                               CURTIS STONE (SHANAHAN CC)                  32:35        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1948           SHANAHAN CC                               BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        31:41        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1949           SHANAHAN CC                               BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        31:40        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1950           SHANAHAN CC                               BROWNNG ROSS (PENN AC)                         30:33        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1951           PENN AC                                           BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                       29:30        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1952           PENN AC                                           BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                       30:28        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1953           SHANAHAN CC                               JOHN JOE BARRY (SHANAHAN CC)              31:10        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1954           SHANAHNA CC                               BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        30:49        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1955           PENN AC                                           BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        31:05        MARGATE, NJ/10,000 METER
1956           PENN AC                                           BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        28:46        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER 
1957           PENN AC                                           BROWNING ROSS (PENN AC)                        31:33        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1958           PENN AC                                           EARL JEFFERSON (LA SALLE COLLEGE)        29:44        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1959           SHANAHAN CC                               PETE WALHELM (SHANAHAN CC)                 31:31        PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1960           DELAWARE VALLEY AC                 VIC ZWOLAK (DELAWARE VALLEY AC)       31:55         PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1961           DELAWARE VALLEY AC                 MIKE COFFEY (PENN AC)                                 31:40         PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1962           PENN AC                                           KEVIN QUINN (DELAWARE VALLEY AC)     30:53         PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1963           DELAWARE VALLEY AC                 PAT TRAYNOR (DELAWARE VALLEY AC)    30:57         PHILA/FAIRMOUNT PK/10,000 METER
1964           RIDLEY PARK STRIDERS                HERB LORENZ (RIDLEY PARK STRIDERS)    33:37         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1965           SOUTH JERSEY AC                           TOM OSLER (SOUTH JERSEY AC)                   33:46         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1966           SOUTH JERSEY AC                           HERB LORENZ (PENN AC)                               33:37         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1967           PENN AC                                           HERB LORENZ (PENN AC)                               28:48          HARRISBURG, PA (6 MILES)
1968           VILLANOVA AC                               DAVEY WRIGHT (VILLANOVA AC)                34:02          LINDENWOLD, NJ (6.5 MILES)
1969           PENN AC                                           TOM DONNELLY (PENN AC)                           32:17         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER                1970           No record of Team                        TOM DONNELLY (UNAT)                                 32:41         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1971           PENN AC                                           TOM DONNELLY (UNAT)                                  27:32         EDGEWOOD HS/ATCO,NJ (SHORT COURSE)
1972           VILLANOVA AC                               MOSES MAYFIELD (PENN AC)                         33:10         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1973           SPORTS EAST AC                             LARRY RUSH (SPORTS EAST)                           26:21         CAMDEN COUNTY, NJ/5 MILES
​1974           PHILADELPHIA PIONEERS            GREG FREDRICKS (NITTNEY VALLEY TC)      29:57         PENN STATE CRS. (Eastern/Mid A) 10,000 
1975           PHILA. MASTERS TC                      GLEN WOOD (FT WASHINGTON HARRIERS)        30:51.2#   BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METERS
1976           NITTANY VALLEY TC                     PAUL STEMMER (NITTANY VALLEY TC          33:23         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METERS
1977           NITTANY VALLEY TC                     LARRY SCHEMELIA (PHILA. PIONEERS)         32:02         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METERS
1978           READING ATHLETIC ATTIC           MIKE LUDOVICI (HIGH POINT AC)                  31:21         BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METERS
1980           NO TEAM SCORE FOUND              CHRIS MASON (MID ATLANTIC RRC)            30:42          BELMONT PLATEAU/ 10,000 METERS
2012           GREATER PHILA TC                          PAUL MATUSZAK (UNAT)                               17:30          BRANDWINE, DE /5,000 METER
2013           NO TEAM SCORE                              BOB RIMKIS (GREATER PHILA)                       NT              CROSS COUNTRY 4 RACE SERIES 
2014           BRYN MAWR RC                              OWEN DAWSON (BRYN MAWR RC)             15:12           BELMONT PLATEAU/3 MILES
                    GREATER PHILA TC (MASTER)       DONOVAN REBBECHI (GREAT PHILA)         34:07           BELMONT PLATEAU/8000 METER
2016          KEYSTONE TC (SENIOR)                   DYLAN MOUNTAIN (KEYSTONE TC)            26:12           BELMONT PLATEAU/8000 METER
                   GREATER PHILA (MASTER)              MIKE PADILLA (GREAT. PHILA.)                    17:22           BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER
2017          PHILA RUNNER TC (SENIOR)          PAUL MATUSZAK (PHILA RUNNER TC)       28:14           BELMONT PLATEAU/8,000 METER
                   GREATER PHILA (MASTER)              CHUCK SHIELDS (GREATER PHILA TC)         20:54           BELMONT PLATEAU/8,000 METER
2018          PHILA RUNNER TC (SENIOR)          KIERAN SUTTON (PHILA RUNNER TC)        26:46           BELMONT PLATEAU/8000 METER
                   GREATER PHILA (MASTER)              BROCK BUTLER (ROSEMONT)                        17:28           BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER

  #Course record for 10,000 set by Paul Stemmer, broken 1 week later at the National AAU Cross Country Championships by Ric Rojas (Colorado TC) by running 30:23.8.  This 10,000 meter still stands as the fastest 10,000 meter ever run at Belmont Plateau. This course included all the major hills of Flagpole, Parachute, Surekill and Nursery Hill. 

YEAR    TEAM CHAMPION                     INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION                   TIME                              RACE COURSE/DISTANCE                           
1966    NO TEAM CHAMPION              SUE MORSE (OLNEY HS)                      49:00                              BELMONT PLATEAU/10,000 METER
1973    NO TEAM CHAMPION              SUZY BUCHANAN (PHOENIXVILLE) 14:26                              CAMDEN COUNY, NJ/2.5 MILES
2012    GREATER PHILA TC                   KATIE O'REAGAN (GREAT PHILA)      19:43                              BRANDWINE, DE/5,000 METER       
2013    NO TEAM CHAMPION              MARY SWAN (ATHENA TC)                  NT                                  CROSS COUNTRY 4 RACE SERIES
2014    GREATER PHILA                         CRYSTAL BURNACK (UNAT)                19:37                              BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER
2016    PHILA RUNNER (SENIOR)       MARGARET VIDO (PHILA RUNNER)   21:57                              BELMONT PLATEAU/6,000 METER
             GREATER PHILA.  (MASTER)  PATRICIA HEPPELMAN (UNATTCHED) 22:09                              BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER
2017    PHILA RUNNER (SENIOR)      CHRISTINE EISENBERG (PHILA RUN.) 23:45                              BELMONT PLATEAU/6,000 METER
             PHILA. MASTERS (MASTER)   SARA GIROTTO (PHILA MASTERS)      21:26                              BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER
2018    PHILA RUNNER (SENIOR)       MARGARET VIDO (PHILA RUNNER)   22:08                              BELMONT PLATEAU/6,000 METER
             GREATER PHILA (MASTER)     LORRAINE JASPER (ATHENA TC)         21:32                              BELMONT PLATEAU/5,000 METER

Belmont Plateau Cross Country Hall of Fame
611 Jamestown Street
Philadelphia , Pa  19128

Dave Thomas, Founder and President